Saturday, January 26, 2013


I remember back in the day when weekends used to be fun. My weekends would begin on Friday afternoon. After elementary school, I would come home and my mom would rent a movie and we'd all have some family time. Sometimes we would play video games. Of course there were going to the movies and walking around the town, windowshopping. There would be sleepovers and makeovers. Sometimes there would be the occasional school dance or play, as I got into middle school. After middle school, the perfect weekends disappeared. In high school, my afternoon were dominated by track and extracurricular activities. I would get off of work at the dry cleaners and then I would be able to do whatever I want, that's assuming people were available. Sometimes there would be track meets on the weekends, I did my community service  on the weekends at my local parish's religious education program. I was an altar server, so I had that to do as well. In high school, I was taking honor roll and AP programs, and with so many things going on during the week, I set aside Saturdays to do my homework. It was awful and in college, I thought things would get better. However, that was not the case. Now on top of my work, I have other responsibilities and trying to balance these and my fledgling graphic design business, I have little free time without shirking my responsibilities. At the end of the day though, I still love what I am doing and I know that I need to do this stuff to pursue my dreams. And so I trudge on....

Wish me luck!

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