Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Ahh! It is January and it is a new year for me! I have been swamped and busy with school and family. I have been completely overwhelmed with all of the things that have been heaped onto my plate this semester, but feeling incredibly grateful that I have been blessed with such opportunities. However, even I know the importance of destressing every now and then. Here are my favorite destressing activities.

1.Watching movies

Movie Night with Raul is my favorite!
I am a movie fiend! I cannot hide my love for an amazing movie. I find when I am extremely stressed that nothing calms me more than an old childhood classic. You'll find me curled up in my blanket with my stuffed shark Leif watching some Disney movie after a long day

2. Baking
My mother may laugh at this, because I rarely step foot into the kitchen without eating, but I do love to bake. My goodies of choice? Either flan or homemade cinnamon rolls. Although I do enjoy a lovely sugar cookie... (:

3. Netflix
Say no more! Netflix is kind of part of my first activity, but at the same time... Netflix also houses seasons of Gossip Girl, Merlin, and so many more of my favorite shows.

4. Video Games
I love to slip in a game and just play sometimes. With a household with a Wii, PS3, PS2, and several DS's, I have a wide variety of things to do. I love me some Assasin's Creed and I cannot wait to play Far Cry! 
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5. Cuddle time
I love cuddle time with Raul! It may not be as long as we want but I love spending time with him and it obviously is so relaxing to just be in his arms and watch tv.

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