Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BACK! and with a review!

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And I am back with a review of a game!

SoUbisoft sent me Just Dance 4 to review with my family and I couldn't wait toreview it, but the game came while I was at school! So I let them open thepackage when it arrived and I let them play it, under one condition... thatthey sent me videos of them doing a couple of the songs. Well, needless to say,the videos were hilarious and they all said they loved it. Here are some screenshots of one of my favorites!

It was not too long after that they sent me a text telling me that Rock Lobster was on the game. A small sidenote, Rock Lobster is one of those old songs that my father brought into our lives when we were younger and we didn't realize that it was that old, but we loved it anyway. Rock Lobster holds quite a bit of memories for all of us and finding out that it was Just Dance 4 made me want to come home even faster. I actually screamed when I got the text and all of  turned around at the dinner table to look at me because they could not imagine a reason on Earth why anyone would scream like that. They clearly didn't and still don't understand why that song was such a big deal.

Well,readers, I came home on Tuesday night and the first thing I did after dropping my bags in my room and digging into my mother’s home cooking (naturally… after being away at school for so long.. one must enjoy the finer things in life…like my mother’s cooking), was try to get my siblings to come play Just Dance 4 with me. After much begging, it was agreed upon that we’d play on Wednesday when everyone was out of school.

As soon as they were out of school and I came home from running errands, we set up the Wii in the living room and we played! Rock Lobster was a blast! I never had so much fun with my siblings playing a video game. I’ll try to post the video!

I highly recommend Just Dance 4 as a bonding activity foreveryone and anyone who enjoys dancing and doesn’t mind looking a bit sillywhile doing it! It is a great way to bring together family and friends whilegetting in a bit of a workout! I know we definitely worked up a sweat whileplaying! You can pick up Just Dance 4 at many fine retailers including Target,Toy R Us and

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