Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where I have been...

I haven't lost interest in my blog and I haven't floated away in a sea of homework (but I'm pretty close). I just haven't had time to do anything, which totally sucks. I am extremely involved in my scholarship/leadership organization, which means when I am not doing homework.... I am doing stuff for them. Even now, I am sitting in my dorm room, ignoring the gross weather that is outside my window, and thinking about all of the meetings and craziness that I have to do today in order for things to run smoothly in lieu of this weekend. What is this weekend? Well FALL BREAK OF COURSE.
Honestly, I really need this break because I don't even know where to start with all of this work and I think I am going to pound out some serious work at home. In my super comfy bed. The thought alone brought a smile to my face.

So my dear readers, I apologize for neglecting my blog and I declare this my formal hiatus from the blogging world until November.

Until then....
Sierra Catherine

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