Friday, September 21, 2012

September Sponsor Highlight!

I want you to meet three of my sponsors for the month! They are a lovely group of ladies who are exciting and entertaining! Please check out their blogs, subscribe and love them as much as I do!
For September, I asked my sponsors what their favorite part about autumn was and what they were looking forward to this month. Here are their answers!

Hey there, I'm Shelby! I'm a student, day dreamer, perfectionist, golfer, music lover, and blogger. My blog, Chasing Birdies, is a personal lifestyle blog about my life and the things I love. I hope you stop by and say hello! I love everything about autumn!! Golf season, leaves changing, football games, homecoming, my birthday, thanksgiving... I just can't pick one! September is always a crazy month for me. It's my birthday, my boyfriend's birthday, homecoming, football season, our town festival, the middle of golf season... oh my gosh! I'm always so busy during this month, but that's why it's my favorite time of year. 

Hi! I'm Courtney and Chase All Your Dreams is a lifestyle blog about my life in college. I talk about my life in college, my journey getting into the music business, my life in general, likes, thoughts, opinions, and whatever else pops into my head. So come on over and say hi"
What is your favorite part about autumn? It's my favorite season! I love the colors, scents, the holidays, and food. 
What are you looking forward to this month and why? I'm looking forward to brunch that I'm going to with some girlfriends in a few weeks. 

Revkah is effectively a blog of many niches. Upon visiting you will find lifestyle posts, personal, fashion, do it yourself, journalistic posts and photography; which hopefully provides a tasteful palette of things Revkah visitors can devour. The name itself is the Hebrew spelling for my actual name, Rebecca. My favourite part about autumn has to be the transition from light to dark evenings. Being able to finish a long day of work or studying around seven pm and being able to get straight into my pyjamas, light a candle and relax with my favourite film or book. Plus autumn for me has meant moving to another city for my university studies over the past three years, and this is what I'm most looking forward to this month. I'm near the beginning of my third year of my degree and soon my university career will be complete. And of course, all of my doings will be recorded, photographed and shared on Revkah. 

I hope you love their blogs! And I love my September Sponsors!

Sierra Catherine

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