Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love List #2

It's Wednesday again and I am super excited to share my love list again.

Webdesignerdepot-- I don't actually remember when I signed up for their newsletters, but I am so glad I did. I am literally and legitimately in love with everything that this website is. It has provided me with insightful articles and nifty things that I have loved as a designer.
(fall in love with them too: here)

Barnes and Noble-- Okay, I am not a fan of their super high prices for their books, but I get over it when I see their planners. A friend of mine bought me one of their planners for graduation and I have never looked back since. I am so particular about the size I need to write in and the colours and everything I need to write in this planner and these planners are it. I am in love and I will never love another planner again.
(obsess over planners too: here )

Iconmonstr-- I have been dabbling with the creation of social media icons and et cetera as freebies for the site since I need to be working on my graphic design skills. This website is free for all of their downloads and I am so glad I found it.
(get inspired as well:  here)

Vimeo-- I don't think I have ever seen a bad video on Vimeo. Enough said.
(watch videos all dreamy eyed here)

University of Chicago-- Even though I am a Seton Hall Pirate, my number one school was the University of Chicago when I was applying for schools. I loved how different the school was from the rest of the schools I was applying to, but I wasn't accepted. Here I am working with my sister on her college applications (they grow up so fast :')    ) and I realize that I am still in love with this school. They have the best essay questions ever. Perfect example for this year: Essay Question #6... "Where is Waldo, really?" 
Literal perfection.
(wish you could go to this school too: here)


Sierra Catherine

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Lieke said... [Reply]

Hi Sierra, cool post!!! I really the like the planner and LOVE Iconmonstr!!!! Thanks for sharing!