Wednesday, July 25, 2012

love list #1

I have decided that every week I am going to post a Love List, which will be a list of everything and anything that I am obsessed with at this present moment. I invite you to check these things out and see if you love them too!

restless: a beautifully written love story about two eccentric teenagers who only have a short time together. A friend of mine eagerly texted me about this movie, positive I would fall in love with the story and the characters. He was right. I was shamelessly sucked into the story line and I was beyond emotional at the end. I recommend this movie to anyone who appreciates a good romance story.

path: a new social media site meant to share your life with your closest of friends. I have known about Path since I found it on AngelList and I have to say, I love the interface and how you can share with your closest of friends things you don't necessarily want to post on, say... Facebook.... It works straight off of your smartphone and I just adore the interface and everything about it. 
get yourself some Path (or find out more about it)

st. marie: the most perfect lightweight serif font I have ever used. I have been trying to use it for every project I have been doing over the past couple of days. 

a short one for this week, but I recommend that everyone check out these things out. It will be worth it.

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Rachel @ lala Lists said... [Reply]

Your blog is super cute!! I too am a "lister" and I really love the look and feel of your blog! Keep up the great work!!! :D