Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi everyone,
As you know, I haven't really been blogging on this blog too long, and I want to increase my viewers and meet new fellow bloggers. So I am opening up a button swap! If it goes well, I will start accepting paid sponsors!

To participate: Go to the sponsors page here and submit your button!

Your buttons will up for the remainder of July and the month of August.


Lieke said... [Reply]

Hi Sierra! I see that you are also a new blogger just like me?! I started June this year and absolutely love it!!! So regarding the button swap... I am sooo in! But I first have to make one.... I saw online that it is fairly easy... so hopefully I can make 1 tomorrow so we can swap!!! P.s. I am now your newest follower! P.p.s how can you be a part time princess? ;) looking forward hearing from you!

Sierra Catherine said... [Reply]

@Lieke Hi! So, I am new to the Blogger realm, I used to have a blog on wordpress a while back, but stopped it for school and what not. I am definitely looking forward to doing the button swap with you and I am about to go see your blog and follow you and being a part time princess means I get my hands dirty and I don't always act like a proper princess all of the time... just some of the time. Hahah