Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

Hi everyone, I hope you have been having the most amazing two weeks. I know I have! Chincoteague was beautiful beyond reason and Cape May is lovely. Notice I said is, and that's because I'm here until tomorrow . So before I head out for the day, I'm doing the Friday's Letters link up. I have wanted to this one for a while, so here we go.

P.S I will be posting vacation photos and more exciting things starting on Monday, along with a total blog revamp. Stay posted!


dear mom and dad, thank for never doubting me and being super supportive 89% of the time. dear mosquitoes in chincoteague, you made me itch in my sleep and now i have random black and blue marks all over.... thanks but no thanks. dear waiter at the beach shack, I'm sorry we had amazing eye contact and I didn't give you my number. I currently regret it. dear stephanie, Thanks for being so awesome as a friend and bringing me to Cape May with you because we have very little time until you go to school. it's been super fun  & I love you so much bro. dear God, I hope I find the right internship opportunity for the fall and gain some experience.

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