Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is That Normal?!

So for this Tuesday I decided to mix things up and do a link up. It's "Is That Normal?!" And here we go:


Is it normal to lie about your age?

I'm 18 years old, so no. I literally am at the best age in the book. Honestly, the only time I could ever need to lie about my age is to get a child ticket for something or to get into a club.


Is it normal to have mistaken someone for the opposite sex?
Yes. In this day and age, there are people who dance right on that gender line. The best thing you can do is float with your assumption until proven wrong.


Is it normal to go #2 in a public restroom?
I mean.. I wouldn't see why not... but I wouldn't do it.


Is it normal to sit RIGHT NEXT TO a stranger at the movie theater?
THIS IS BEYOND AWKWARD. SO NO. Unless the theater is PACKED there is NO reason for that.


Is it normal to lie about your weight?
Of course. I think I do it on a normal basis. But I don't know if it is lying if you are blissfully ignorant of how much you actually weigh. I float in between 130-140 so it's a half lie.


Is it normal to sing and dance in the car?
Yes. It is beyond normal.


Is it normal to take self-pictures in public?
Yes, I do it all the time. I don't like other people holding my stuff unless I know you.


Is it normal for women to have a gun license?
Yes. I actually wanna get one super bad. 


Is it normal to post pictures online of yourself in a bikini?
This is a half/half. I personally don't care, but as my dear friend Matt quoted me last night in the guilt trip of the century "modest is hottest". 


Is it normal to like the smell of gasoline?
As weird as it sounds, yes. There is something about gasoline... I don't know, smells awesome.

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Side Note: I really enjoyed this. I should do more link ups in the future.

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