Monday, June 25, 2012

Design Monday!

 It's DESIGN MONDAY AGAIN and I made the format a little easier! So here we go:

one. Everyone knows I am huge Hayao Miyazaki fan and so this Totoro iPhone Case (and other goodies) is a shoe- in for my Design Monday technology pick.

two. Although Pottermore seems to think I am Gryffindor material, everyone and their mother knows I am a Slytherin through and through. I am in love with these Slytherin House Custom Toms that I found on Etsy.

three. I have a serious need for this Jewelry Organizer Wall Organizer that found on here. It is cute and I have a lot of cute earrings and necklaces that would look great on this and keep them organized.

four. For my random Etsy pick (even though most of picks this week are from Etsy) I have to say this Tolkein Quote Art Print caught my eyes immediately. I love the typography and the colour scheme is wonderful. 

Enjoy my picks for the week(: and have a wonderful Monday!

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