Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

So as of this past Monday, I have been home from school. Honestly, I missed being home and I missed my family and the good food I have at home. Most importantly though, I missed driving. The freedom I have while driving is unreal. Sadly though, I am single this summer and while I am actually kinda happy that I am single right now because this last relationship was not really the best thing for me, I really wish I had someone to hang out this summer. Someone to cuddle with and do random cute date things with... I dunno. That would be nice.

Most of my friends are in relationships too, so I will probably be doing a lot of third wheeling. Which I hate doing. I mean everyone hates third wheeling but I wish I was the one dragging people to third wheel with me. Personally, I am kinda over the random dating and I want to be with someone that I can settle with and I know I don't wanna go looking for it and that it will just happen... But I am just at that point where I am just generally lacking any form of enthusiasm towards romance right now and I know if some guy comes along and woos me, my opinion will change, but right now... I am not feeling  it.

I decided to do some work with my self and I did my hair. <3 I love it. It gives me a bit more confidence I believe and I feel super cute with the big curls. I think it's funny because I never realized how pretty I was until college. Not to be digging for compliments or awkward, I just never realized that I was pretty. I guess that was the first awesome thing this summer
I am looking forward to making my big to-do list for this summer and actually getting it done. With that, I bid you adieu.

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