Friday, April 27, 2012

Tongue Tied and Mystified.

So I know I haven't written a personal blog post on here, like ever, so this is a first. But, I am looking forward to talking about my ups and downs of the week.
I am going to start with the negatives though, because I wanna get them out of the way, so I can get to the good news.

Lovely Complex is one of my favourite mangas ever
 and I lovehat Japanese made Easy book because 
it helps so much with everything.
I think even without the bolding and the capital lettering, it goes without saying that school is royally kicking my butt. I am tired all of the time and it is not always because of my allergies (which are starting to clear up a bit because all of the tree are mostly done flowering up here... thank goodness). I am trying to be super dedicated to my classes and the increasing amount of attention they are demanding from me. Unlike Anthony (who I shall properly introduce to you all further later on in this post), my work isn't hard.. it's just a lot of simple, tedious things. For example, I am taking Japanese, which has been interesting and a pain in my butt at the same time because unlike Spanish, which is the only other language I have ever studied in a school setting, you cannot stick an -O or -A to the end of it to make it sound Spanish-esque. A brief note about Japanese: There are three character systems and they are Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Hiragana is the base, the foundation of the writings in the language and that is the first thing you should learn. Katakana is the Japanese response to the other languages that influence Japanese culture, especially English (Eigo, as they say) and it is used for those words and often places and people's names are written in this system. Kanji is the most complex of the three and it is all of those complicated characters. Anyway...back to my original point... my Japanese homework is not hard and preparing for this final is not hard either. It is just a lot of notecards and a lot of conversation that I need to prepare myself for. Little things that just seem beyond overwhelming because there is so much of it to do. However, I intend to pull through this with flying colours and I will be bringing home Dean's List (hopefully) again this semester.

Two. Summer Employment
I am going to be blatantly honest. If I was wealthy, I would still be looking for work, because I need something to do this summer. I really want to get something related to my major, because I would really love to get my hands on some more experience in the field. But at this point, anything will do. I don't know about everyone else, but I cannot be home this summer waiting on my other friends to stop working so we hang out. I personally like making my own money; it bothers me when I have to ask my parents for anything other than what I absolutely need.. so I enjoy having a job because it makes me a little more independent. I have my fingers crossed on a couple of things... but we shall see.

Okay, to be honest, those were all of the negatives so on to the positives!

Meet Anthony
One.  Anthony!
  So on May 19, I will have been with Ant for five months, which is crazy. I can't believe that much time has passed. But more on the man of the hour... Ant is my boyfriend, and he is also a fellow SHU student. While studying Biology, in hopes of becoming a physical therapist, he has also been my other half. We don't always see eye to eye and we are definitely not one of those sappy couples who are obsessed with one another, but we make it work and I am grateful to have him in my life. I can always rely on him to make me smile, one way or another. I am looking forward to having the summer to ourselves (:

Two. Summer
I am obsessed with her cupcakes
Speaking of having the summer to ourselves, I am so so so excited for this summer. This summer is looking like it is going to something worth documenting. One thing I am definitely excited for is learning how to surf. I have always wanted to surf, so I'm looking forward to it. Another thing I'm looking forward to this summer is all of the fun projects I get to take on. Right now, I know I am working on a website for my scholarship and leadership program and I am looking forward to leaving a lasting legacy. Also, I am also going to be supporting my friend Lauren with her business Sweetly Unexpected. She has an online bakery and she is looking to open up a real shop very soon in the near future. I recommend that you guys take a look and if you live in the NJ area, to order soon. You will not be disappointed. I am literally obsessed with her banana cupcakes. Her red velvet cupcakes are also to die for.

Finally a licensed driver...
Three. Travel
With this new fangled license of mine, I am looking forward to being a bit more independent this summer and traveling a bit more. I doubt I will be making any road trips,  but I am going to go... I don't know where, but I wanna go to as many places as I can and I wanna bring Ian (my Nikon D90 SLR camera that I love as if it was my own child) so I can take some nice shots to maybe hang up next year in my dorm.

Four. The Glitter of Sunshine 
Yeah, this is my blog. However, this summer I am looking forward to making it more of my online home with a more personal about me page and interacting more with other bloggers.  Right now I have too much going on, but I have big things planned for this blog so hang in there.
Oh and this is my latest obsession in the art world, the coloured quotes. I have been making these obsessively and I have to say I am now borderline obsessed with the font I have been using. It's called "Homestead" and it is the perfect width and height to put something in the letter but not too much. Also, it kicks my recent sans-serif marathon I have been on.

So those are the ups and downs for the week, although they seem more future oriented.
But, it was lovely sharing them with you (: I hope everyone had a great or awesome week and if not, I hope things get better for you!

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