Thursday, April 5, 2012

Social Media + the Art community= Social Art

I want to talk about social networking and art. In these troubling times, I have to say the things that stick out to me the most are the images. In the case of the Trayvon Martin shooting, thanks to Facebook, graphic artists and photographers and artists have been conveying their points through a number of emotion-evoking images and videos. Some of the most poignant that I have personally come across are:
Image via Facebook (linked toVogue | Diaspora)
An image of Martin Luther King Jr. under the iconic hood that Trayvon Martin was last seen wearing. Captioned as"From Martin to Martin, Let's Save Ourselves"

Image via Black like Moi
A troubling photograph of the words spray-painted on the side of the Ohio State Black Cultural Center.
An artist's rendition of Trayvon Martin in the convenience store he was in before he left
Image via Facebook
A photograph of black lawyers in court
Image via Facebook (linked to Nightstorm Brooklyn)
This one is the most poignant. I have seen this one all over the internet, so I can only say I found it on Facebook first. However, this was the image that really caught my eye.

Those are just the ones I have personally seen on the various social media sites that I frequent. I think it is awe inspiring that talented individuals are making their thoughts heard and portraying the thoughts of others like them in order to make people understand what is going on. I have never been so proud to be a part of the artist community. Regardless of your stance on this social happening, the art that art world has created to share with people helps in so many cases. 

Share with me your social art findings!
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