Friday, April 6, 2012

Music makes the world go round

Move over Pandora, my new favourite app is 8tracks. 8tracks is an awesome new application that allows people to listen to carefully handcrafted playlists by fellow music lovers, major music magazines and brands. The best part about it is that there are no commercials. Unlike Pandora, you don't find your playlist by selecting an artist, you find it by the interesting titles that people give them. However, there are tags that help out in the process, so by scrolling through a couple of them you'll find one that you'll think is interesting. I think on every playlist that I have ever clicked on and listened to, I have added at least one new song to my iTunes. Which brings me to another awesome thing about 8tracks- the songs aren't all actually released songs that you are required to purchase on iTunes or Amazon or something like that. Some of the songs are actually remixes and compilations by underground DJs that I have completely fallen in love with. People have listened to my playlists on Oliver (yes, I name my iPhone... it happens a lot) and they have asked me to tell them where I have found my songs. Thank you 8tracks for that.

Another awesome thing about 8tracks is the fact the mobile app is free and you can listen to all of the same playlists that you liked on your account on your for free, without commercials on your mobile device.  They just recently put out the Android compatible version, in addition to the iPhone app. It is pretty much the greatest thing ever because sometimes I like to bring my iPhone into my bathroom and blast music while I'm in the shower or I'll bring it with me to the gym. I like listening to music while I'm getting ready in the morning or when I am running. It puts me in the right mindset.

Moving on, I totally recommend that everyone goes to 8tracks, makes an account, and start listening to some playlists. Oh, and if you click on the star next to a track that you like, it saves it so that you can go back later on and look up the song if you actually want to add it to your own music collection. 
Some playlists that I have completely fallen for (and definitely know every song on):

Songs to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling to (this was the playlist that got me hooked on 8tracks.. It is definitely a mellow one to just have playing in the background to anything you are doing casually like homework or actually just staring at the ceiling)

Let's Snuggle (This is perfect for those mornings when you wake up with the person you love and you guys don't really feel like getting out of bed yet... so you are kinda just cuddling or watching tv or just talking to one another)

Hype Machine Top 8 8/22 (Hype Machine is actually a pretty popular music blog that put out a weekly top 8 playlist on 8tracks. I personally never make it up to date on them because of mixes like this one. I legit addicted to this playlist and listen to it when I am getting ready to go pretty much anywhere.)

Forever 21 (Despite the title, it has nothing to do with the store. I actually enjoy listening to this mix when I am driving and that's saying something because I do not listen to the radio in my car. This is the perfect summer driving mix for all of us coastal folk who are constantly flocking to the beaches)

Okay so those are some of my favourites. Definitely check out 8tracks and the mixes I recommended and if you find any awesome ones, please share them!

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